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#4507: State Funding of Catholic Church: Dannenbaum gives sources (fwd)

From: Perez_Dannenbaum <mpperez@mail.utexas.edu>

Anne Greene (The Catholic Church in Haiti, 1993: 129/165) addresses briefly the
question of State funding of both Catholic and Protestant Churches in Haiti.
She says that, based on international law and a (revised) concordant of
(originally) 28 March 1860, the government of Haiti is required by law to
provide for the economic support of the Church. She also give a few details of
government expenditures under both Duvaliers. Her principle sources are a 1988
interview with Jean-Robert Estime (minister of foreign affairs and religion
under Jean-Claude),  Fred D. Wood III (dissertation: Wesley Theological
Seminary, 1985), and J. Lloyd Mecham (Church and State in Latin America, 1966).