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#4508: Re: #4497: Haiti Progrès reporting: Schumann replies to Chamberlain

From: M Schumann <schumannm@hotmail.com>

Nor is it hard to imagine the following:

1) "opposition" supporters acting violently under the name of Lavalas
2) Manus being pressured to say that his life was threatened by Lavalas, 
when it could easily be the other way around; an opposition strategy.

I have heard no convincing proof in either case. It seems, rather, that ALL 
press sources have an agenda. Further, the very idea of "proof" and 
"evidence" seems to be somewhat irrelevant in regards to the situation in 
Haiti at the present time. How would such be attained?

How, then, would I form an opinion in the face of my cynical skepticism? I 
would listen to the Haitians that I trust, e.g. neither rich nor destitute 
(with at least a roof), trying to work, peaceful, honest and intelligent. 
All those that I know, in Haiti and US, that fit this description want 
Aristide and do not believe for a moment that Aristide represents any of the 
violence or corruption associated with the current elections. In this sense 
Haiti Progrès, no matter how rhetorically slanted they may be, appears to 
more less represent the Haitians I know and trust.

In short, I see no other way about the situation. It is a battle of 
subjective opinions and hearsay. I must then agree with you, technicalities 
play no role in reporting the situation in Haiti. Thus, let the elections 

On another note:
Could somebody please explain to me why Jesse Helmes has "unblocked" some of 
the aid designated for Haiti. This seems highly uncharacteristic and I am 
deeply suspicious about Helmes' new found concern for "the Haitian 

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