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#4519: Arthur replies to #4485 Re: new book on Haiti (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

I am grateful to Nancy Dorsinville for the publicity for my
forthcoming book, "Haiti In Focus", but I am afraid such publicity is 
premature. I am only now finishing the final edits of the text, and it will 
be several months before it is on sale. Be assured, I will inform the list 
when it is available.

Can I take this opportunity to ask the list two questions:

In what year did the Duvalier regime close down the regional
ports - making Port-au-Prince the only legally functioning port in Haiti? 
Did this measure include Cap-Haitien? I believe they re-opened in 1987.

In what year did Protestant missionaries first hold a service on
the site of the Bois Caiman ceremony?  Was it 1997? And am I right in 
thinking a subsequent attempt to repeat the insult was prevented by the HNP? 
If so, what year?

You can reply direct to me, if you prefer, on

Thank you
Charles Arthur
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