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#4520: Arthur replies to Graves Re: #4491 (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Batay Ouvriye, Fanmi Lavalas

Re: #4458:  Batay Ouvriye press release

My role in this post was to receive a press release from the
Haitian organisation, Batay Ouvriye, to attempt a translation of it from 
Kreyol to English, and then to forward this translation to the Corbett list. 
I cannot confirm nor deny the accusations made in this press release, - I 
,like many others, use this list to post items of interest, not legally 
acceptable documentation.

While I have your attention, I'll take the opportunity to
forward part of a subsequent message that I received from Batay Ouvriye. In 
relation to the original press release, there were two points that need 
1) The alleged murder of the brother of the Batay Ovuvriye
member by a Fanmi Lavalas member took place in the communal section of 
Gardere in Saint Michel de lÁttalaye not in Batso.
2) Also, regarding this alleged murder, Batay Ouvriye wishes to
make it known that - "They have joined the family in filing a lawsuit 
against the alleged murderer. They have been to court to ask for this man to 
be judged. The problem is that having arrested him, the corrupt police then 
let him go. He is now in hiding. But when Fanmi Lavalas are in power, he 
will be able to return to make trouble." (my translation from Kreyol.)

Once again, this is a message sent by Batay Ouvriye - my role is

Charles Arthur
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