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#4527: Results of BRA's medical mission. (fwd)


News From:  Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)

BRA just ended its most recent medical relief mission at batey Payabo of
Monte Plata in the Dominican Republic from June 9th through June 18, 2000.
Approximately 7,000 persons sought assistance.  More than 2,125 persons,
including Haitian migrants and their families, received free medical
assistance in the areas of general medicines, pediatrics, dental and
optometry - and preventive health education.  To complete recipients'
short-term treatment, BRA also donated medicine, vitamin, milk, eye care and
preventive health products - sunglasses and prescribed eyeglasses.

The mission was carried out by 29 personnel, including 18 volunteer health
care professionals from the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, the
Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Because of time constraints, BRA was not able to see everyone in needs. The
organization as a result donated unused medical supplies to organizations
alreading serving the needs of the batey populations.  This policy helps
advance BRA's charitable and lawful purpose.

Several institutions joined BRA in the realization of the mission, including
the Dominican Republic's Department of Health (SESPAS), the Haitian Embassy
in Santo Domingo, the US Embassy-Peace Corps in Santo Domingo, Bristol Myers
Squibb-Dominicana, the Catholic Medical Mission Board, Alcon Laboratories,
Mead Johnson, Bayer Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, Lions Eyeglass
recycling Centers, etc.

BRA hopes to build a medical care and learning center in the Monte Plata
region to provide long-term and follow-up care.

For more information about BRA, please contact us in New York at (917)
627-5026 or in Santo Domingo at (809) 383-1547.  You may also reach us by
e-mail at bateyrelief@mindspring.com.

Ulrick Gaillard, Executive Director
Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) www.bateyrelief.org
Tax-exempt, non-profit, non-political humanitarian aid organization.
For donations and information, please contact:
Ulrick Gaillard, J.D., Executive Director
P.O. Box 300565, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
(917) 627-5026 or at bateyrelief@mindspring.com.
Maria Virtudes Berroa, Regional Director
Apartado Postal 5085, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
(809) 383-1547 or at bateyrelief@hotmail.com.