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#4528: camp for adopted Haitian kids-from Bushey (fwd)


Haiti in Our Hearts is a weekend camp for families with children adopted from 
Haiti. This year is is held from July 14-16, 2000 in Alexandria Minnesota 
(about 2 hours northwest of Minneapolis). This is a fun weekend for families 
with Haitian children of all ages. There are some structured activities and 
lots of time for visiting and telling stories. Gladys Sylvestre from Haiti is 
a special guest also. I am sorry that I am posting this invitation so late 
but if you are interested in attending there is still space. There are modest 
fees for registration, rooms, and meals. If you are interested please contact 
me, Lauri Bushey, list member at: LauriSam23@aol.com 
or call the planning committee directly, Kathy Peterson (320) 543-3645 home, 
(320) 543-3300 work