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#4528: Copa Latina 2000 (fwd)

From: LMB <lauretteb@yahoo.com>

Copa Latina 2000 - NYC -- First Edition 
Mitchel Athletic Complex, Uniondale, NY 
July 2nd, 2000 7PM 

Haiti v. Bolivia 

Remember not even 6 months ago when the Bolivian National Team beat the
Selection Nationale d'Haiti by 9-2 in Bolivia? Well, they're baaaaaack and
taking no prisoners!!! Talk about irony, poetic justice and sweet revenge
all rolled into one - a vindicator's smorgasbord, so to speak 

Haiti won the first round of Copa Latina in the city that never sleeps --
New York, New York. Playing against Bolivia with a final score of 9-2,
there's no doubt as to whom was sleeping. How ironic that we were able to
give Bolivia back the 9 goals we took a few months back in their homeland.
Who were the avengers? 

Starting LineUp for Haiti v. Bolivia 

Goalie: Frantz Felisma 
Jimmy Dutreuil 
Bayard Vincent 
Jacky Pierre 
Michael Karim 
Judes Desinor 
Jean Phenol Morlan 
Jean Bernard Fleurial 
Guy Sauveur Valcourt 
Patrick Tardieu 
Antonio Bejin 
Rosemon Pierre 

Jude Desinor scored 6 goals, Patrick Tardieu 2 goals, and Jean-Bernard
Fleurial scored 1 goal! 

The All-Stars performed and executed flawlessly, like a well-oiled
machine. Coaching the All-Stars were ZeNoNo Jean-Baptiste assisted by
Alphonse Prophete There's also a new kid on the block we need to be on the
lookout for. Michael Karim -- a young star on the rise who is all about
the business of soccer on and off the playing field. Stay tuned for plenty
more treats from him in the days to come. 

The Haitian community turned out in massive numbers and the International
All-Stars played to a packed stadium of about 3,000 people of all
nationalities. I was seated amongst a lively (almost to the point of
rambunctious!!!) group in a configuration only the Census Bureau could
appreciate consisting of Haitians, Colombians, Dominicans, Bolivians,
etc... Numerous other nations were well represented at this match and the
camaraderie and goodwill was infectious, to say the least. The patriotism
displayed when the crowd was singing Haiti's National Anthem - no sarcasm
intended but it almost made me jerk a tear. Incroyable!!! 

For the first time in a long while, the Haitian community in NY was able
to witness some positive feedback and gain some satisfaction from the
global community. It was incredible and I look forward to getting another
dose of it next week at Round 2. 

Nigeria beat the Dominican Republic 2-1 and will now move on to Round 2,
taking on Haiti International. Round 2 will be taking place Saturday, July
15, 2000, 8 PM at Columbia University's Baker's Field. This is another
match not to be missed! We'll see you there! 

Copa Latina 2000 - NYC -- Haiti International All-Stars Beats Bolivia 9-2 
Soccer's Sweet Revenge is getting sweeter all the time. Hold tight! 

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