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#4551: Blind Faith:CARICOM and Morse (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Noting that CARICOM has decided to back the Haitian government's 
handling of the elections, I'm wondering what their views are on 
certain subjects such as the apparent use of the National Police to 
support certain political parties. I'm also wondering how CARICOM will 
respond to the campaign season in which opposition members were killed 
or intimidated into not campaigning (while the police looked on). 
Perhaps the fact that an economic/social disaster in Haiti will have no 
direct effect on island-nations such as Saint Lucia has given the 
former St Lucian Prime Minister a special vantage point as to whats 
going on in Haiti. Perhaps in the coming days he will share some of his 
inside information with the rest of us. Backing the Haitian government 
is one thing but not stating the positives AND the negatives is 
another. Observers should be unbiased in the presentation of their 
reports. In other words "Credibility". Tell us what worked and what 
didn't work and what steps are being taken to correct current flaws in 
the system. Don't just tell us you went to the palace and Tabarre and 
you support whats going on. Those days should be over by now.

Richard Morse