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#4552: from the side-line, dorsinville on graves' comments to blanchet (fwd)

From: Nancy M Dorsinville <nmd22@columbia.edu>


wow, amazing!

i have learned to refrain from commenting when feeling as i do now from
reading this posting, but i'll venture to say two things:

1) Fr. michael, how are such berating statements an invitation to the
"ansanm, ansanm" [unity] you allegedly seek to foster!?

2) allow me to share an anecdote... i recall being in bangkok, feeling
rather tired and pondering over some basic existential issues... i recall
turning on the TV and seeing an interview with east timorese activist jose
ramos horta who, from exile, had just won the nobel peace prize... i
remember weeping of joy, being filled with hope... having worked with
haitian refugees in NY; pleased that Fr. aristide had rightfully returned
home, i found myself lending some technical assistance for a burmese
refugee program in thailand... i remember feeling that this was an
affirmation, an answer to my continuing struggle about whether one could
really do something significant for their country while residing abroad...

as you know Fr. michael, having lived in our country for the past 14
years, the fight for social justice has no geographical boundaries, nor
does it have a singularly prescribed normative approach... in fact, i
trust that when/if you return to your homeland, in your own way, you will
continue to join us in advocating for my dear compatriots...

creating preferential options for the poor, the disenfranchised is the
fight we wage, judiciously using the myriad of skills we have been Blessed

marchons unis, in deed!