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#4570: One party democracies : Lyall comments

From: J. David Lyall <david@lyalls.net>

>The government defiantly pushed
>through the last phase of a vote  that is likely to render the 
>nation a virtual one-party state.Official results from Sunday's runoff

Some people have remarked that a "one party democracy" is not
a democracy at all.

Well, maybe. But, Singapore is a one party democracy with a repressive
legal apparat. That model has certainly done them well. Don't try
to chew gum in that republik tho.

Mexico saw 70 years of stability with the PRI system, which looked like
a democratic state. It was, in fact, the most sophisticated dictatorship
seen this century, but a marvelous construct.

Haiti could do far worse than constructing something along the lines
of the PRI apparat. As a matter of fact, it HAS done far worse,
many times.

I was a little surprised at the Lavalas landslide for local offices 
My poor friends ( outside of PauP ) seemed quite dismissive of the
annointed LaFanmi candidates. The attitude actually reminded me
of the attitude of Coviet citizens towards party members ( in 1987 ).

My street merchant friends and fami in St Marc all declared for 
Mochrena, much to my surprise. Even the voudoisants liked the
mochrena candidate. I am not sure of the results in St Marc but it 
that LaFanmi may have won there.

Anyway, I am with our Orthodox family member here. 
( I like the Antiochan rite myself ) Let Lavalas
take over and try to get the country working. Maybe they
will put an end to the tires and rocks and destruction once
they are in power. Please, I hope so.