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#4634: Re: On the usefulness of international aid to Ayiti: Poincy comments (fwd)


Holding on promised aid or initiate an economic embargo is the best thing that 
could happen to the country. It is a great opportunity for economic development 
that Ayitian officials are not exploiting. Contrary to what we think, the 
expected aid will never (absolutely never) bring economic development to the 
country as we expect, no matter how much that is. Relying on such is a setback. 
I?ve been arguing that financial aid is merely a support to a development that 
has already been in process. If such a process is non-existent, just imagine 
what the money received will become. Aid is not to initiate an economic 
development process, but to help it through. Without having anything to use the 
aid on gives room for misuse or personal use which we would be quick to tag as 
corruption. We fail to realize that the conditions to receive the international 
$ were not there or not appropriate.  Subsequently, treating government 
officials as corrupt would be quite unfair. The international community knows 
it and does not care much about it, if Ayitians don?t understand the process. 
Any Ayitian government that purposely creates the atmosphere for an 
international embargo, provided that it is committed to true economic 
development, knows what it?s doing.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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