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#4658: Opération "Fax Rouge" (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Opération "Fax Rouge"

The Haiti Support Group encourages individuals and organisations
to support the human rights organisations, the Platform of Haitian Human 
Rights Organisations and the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, who on 
Wednesday, 12 July, launched a campaign called "Fax Rouge" to put pressure 
of the judicial authorities to make more progress with the investigations 
into the assassination of Jean Leopold Dominique last 3 April.

This campaign comes two days after the "téléphone rouge" campaign launched 
by the September 30th Foundation to call for justice in the case of the 
director of Radio Haiti Inter and the station's security guard, Jean-Claude 

The Haiti Support Group invites all friends of human rights, justice and 
democracy in Haiti from all over the world to support this campaign by 
sending faxes to the Minister of Justice, the Prime Minister and the 
President with the following message:

"Nous voulons le jugement des assassins de Jean Dominique, de
Jean-Claude Louissaint, du père Jean-Marie Vincent, du père Jean
Pierre-Louis et de toutes les autres personnes tuées en raison de leur
engagement en faveur d'un changement profond en Haïti".

(We want the assassins of Jean Dominique, Jean-Claude Louissaint, Father 
Jean-Marie Vincent, Father Jean Pierre-Louis, and all other
people killed because of their involvement with the struggle to achieve real 
change in Haiti, to be apprehended, and judged.)

TO: President Rene Preval:  Fax: (509) 223 7323
TO: Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis: Fax: (509) 245 1624
TO: Minister of Justice Camille Leblanc: Fax: (509) 245 0474
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