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#4657: Re: #4604: Graves responding to Dorsinville (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
     A funny little follow-up to my posting #4604 of 14 July ("Bastille 
     Day!) to Nancy Dorsinville.
        Several years ago (I've now been here for 14 years), the Deacon who 
     works with me in directing our primary school of 350 kids, stopped all 
     the students from singing the national anthem one Wednesday morning at 
     our weekly school church service. I was startled! I didn't know creole 
     quite as well then as I do now. It appears that the kids were not 
     singing the right words, and they were forthwith corrected. They had 
     been singing...instead of "marchons unis....."; "marchands vini" and 
     we were wondering why all the vegetable street merchants were starting 
     to come into the church!
        I suppose it could be another way of evangelizing, but the kids 
     were really  missing the point. We corrected the singing and now the 
     church no longer smells like onions and garlic and shallots, etc.!
       "Marchands vini; marchands vini; pour le pays, pour les ancetres;        
     Marchands, marchands, marchands vini; pour le pays, pour les ancetres!"