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#4672: Wharram seeking visa advice (fwd)

From: Bryan L. Wharram <bwharram@umich.edu>

Please reply directly to me at bwharram@umich.edu

My wife, who is a permanent U.S. resident and I would like to help my
wife's sister obtain a visa to stay with us here in Michigan for 3-5
years for companionship for my wife (few Haitians live in the area) as
well as to help care for our 2-year old daughter.  My wife would like to
go back to work, and
later obtain an R.N. and I'd like to obtain a physician's assistant
degree with the goal of returning to Haiti to work in a medical clinic.

Do you have any advice as to what type of visa to apply for and how to
maximize our chances of success?


Bryan Wharram