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#4671: Re: #4661: Coast Guard takes Haitian immigrants off disabled boat (fwd) a comment


Smuggling or not, haitian immigrants will continue to come to the u.s. 
because of the economic conditions caused by the local backward elite 
(economic and political -- past and present).

we should all support the right of haitians and others to come and stay in 
the u.s. because the u.s. is primarily responsible for the current crisis in 
Haiti, Mexico and many other countries. 

some will argue that the u.s. has every right to control its "borders".  I 
dont think so... if globalization and capital do not have any 
boundry....workers should not have any aostacles preventing them from 
migrating either. Haitian immigrants are only trying to sell their labor 
force in order to survive.

what's your opinion?