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#4682: Re: #4671: allowing Haitians and others to immigrate to the US (fwd)

From: Clayton Stockdale <cdstockdale@home.com>

I don't agree that Haitians and others should be allowed to come stay in the
US because the US is responsible for their countries crises, or because of
"boundary-less" globalization.  I believe they should be allowed to come
because the US (largely via the Statue of Liberty theme) was and should be a
place where people come for "freedom" (I realize that this is subject to
definition, and I don't mean to define it here).  We have said we are a
country of immigrants, and we are--what our ancestors valued and came for is
still here, as much as it ever was.  The US has absorbed many, many people
of many different cultures over the years, and we haven't suffered for it.
In fact, I believe the US is enriched by the cultures brought with
immigrants, even if they are part of a "melting pot".

But having said that, I also believe that the only salvation for Haiti is
Haitians, and I do not encourage Haitians to emigrate.  I tell them (usually
children and young people) to stay and make a difference for their country.
To be educated, to consider what they can do to make things better.  I don't
have the end all and be all answer, but I think the best person to get
closest is a Haitian in Haiti.