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#4681: Re: #4564: Re: #4548: Canal replies to Valdman (fwd)

From: Francois Canal <axxaxx@yahoo.com>

> When I stated that given the bad state of roads in
> Haiti, the use of a bike
> (kreyòl) rather than a car (French) might be more
> efficient, I meant, for
> example, that given the poor educational
> infrastructure and limited
> resources in Haiti, it is more efficient to use
> kreyòl as the classroom
> language.  

The implication of this post is that French, as
classroom language, is only pertinent in a Haiti with
a highly developed educational infrastructure and
limitedless resources. Since the implication is false,
namely that French can only be used as language of
instruction in a resourceful country, consequently the
premise is also false.

The appropriateness of a language for educational
purpose is solely based on its level of undestanding
by pupils and teachers. No one understands better a
language than its creators, namely native speakers.
Kreyòl will reveal itself even more powerful of a
communication tool for Haitians when Haiti experiences
its economic prosperity, not long to happen. 

The implication that Haiti must abandon Kreyòl if it
wants economic prosperity must be rejected. I might
add that education is a simple endeavor: it only
requires teachers and students to take place. Whether
they meet in open air, under a tree, under a tent, in
an air-conditioned classroom, what matters it that the
teachers are motivated to pass on to the students what
they know. With such a clement environment throughout
the year, every open space of Haiti is a potential
class-space (classroom without walls). Consequently,
Haiti has adequate educational infrastructure and
tools (of which Kreyòl is the most valuable) to
widespread education. It is just a matter of raising
it to the level of common good.

"With the friends that Haiti keeps, it does not need

Francois Canal
105 SE 4th Ave Apt#B
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