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#4680: On: memo #4651 and previous (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

I have seen the same also.
Am I, are we, talking about the same country? Tahiti? or Haiti? Puerto Rico 
or Ayiti?

I have read the Constitution of Haiti.  I guess I am not the only ordinary 
Haitian to do so. The most recent and valid one.  The one which was amended 
and ratified March 29, 1987.  I have read the text of the electoral law that 
under the Haitian constitution and I understand that the CEP is an entirely 
independent agency and the executive branch, even if it was anxious to do 
so, could not interfere with its operations [Memo#4651 and previous].

I am witnessing today too that the "opposition" is splintered into more than 
sixty political parties.  Each of the concerting groupies that constitute 
this opposition has a miniscule number of followers.  Altogether, their 
party members or associates do not and cannot outnumber the FL party.  
Moreover, many of them do have the reputation of having supported the 
military junta and have taken bribes from various sources.  What's with IRI?

I have NOT seen the impossible yet.  A good example of it would be to have 
as a fact the elegant FICTION of 1.2 million people who voted for the 
non-Lavalas parties.  But I am willing to let myself easily be convinced by 
the experts, the scholars and respected policy makers of the "Hemispheric 
institution". Maybe that will help me and many others understand some things 
about the country.  Why are we so miserable to make others feel so 
deplorable.  Why we are so misunderstandable to make others so arrogantly 
and shamelessly controlable, solutionably imposable?

Maybe here we're not talking about the same country. Which country, Sir, my 
honorable friend? Tahiti? or Haiti? Puerto Rico or Ayiti?
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