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#4689: Re: #4684: looking for a Creole name... (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

There are numerous Creole nouns that can describe the idea you want to evoke 
to name your friend's dog: degoutan, demeplè, malfektè, tilandeng, 
pongongon, dezòd, tilouten, kakadyab, etc... A concise explanation of the 
character you want to describe can definitely help on a better defined name. 
  Have you thought of a "non pwen" instead? Like Samfèyo, Pam yo wè, 
Lendilòt, Lesem atò, Zobouke, Fanmpadra, Adyebondye, Reterèd, Sanbenyen, 
Kakapoul, Fòkseli, Zenglendo, Vantanpèt, Django, Noutoutpouviv, Chuck 
Norris, Magouyè... YOU NAME IT!Creativity and name-making are dangerously 

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