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#4690: Elections: CEP, Conyers, Pastor, Longchamp, Preval, Alexis, KIOP, NOAH, (fwd)


CEP on method used to calculate votes: "Methodology employed to count the 
votes in the first round of Senatorial elections was the same methodology 
employed in previous elections when more than one Senate position was open in 
each departmental race in an election.  The methodology was used in 1990 and 
1995 elections without objection either within Haiti or by the international 
community... Article 197 of the Constitution of the Republic of Haiti vests 
the authority to resolve all disputes 'arising either in the elections or in 
the enforcement or the violation of the Electoral law with the CEP.'"

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fritz Longchamp: "I don't know how an outside 
body can impose certain things on a government... [The CEP] sought in good 
faith a method that was closest to the spirit of the law."   "What Haiti 
needs is political, social and economic stability.  Sanctions and threats 
won't bring this stability." 

Congressman John Conyers, Jr.:  "Everybody cannot be held to the same 
standard, whether it is a nation that is several hundred years old or whether 
it is a nation with only several democratic elections under its belt. Nothing 
could be more disastrous in terms of (Haiti's) morale and the future of the 
country than tripping up on (being preoccupied with) something of this 

Carter Center's Robert Pastor:  "This is an island nation a few hundred miles 
off shore.  A lot of Haitian refugees have come to the United States.  This 
has been a great concern of several administrations.  A breakdown of 
stability in that country would have consequences for Florida and elsewhere.  
The truth is, we cannot abandon Haiti.  We profit from their success and we 
pay the price of their failure."

President Rene Preval:  "Democracy is not just elections, but the setting in 
place of institutions and the respect for the separation of powers 
established by the Haitian Constitution, which in the case of elections makes 
the [CEP] responsible to write the electoral law, apply it, and be the judge 
of last resort."

Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis: "the U.S. Congress is not a Haitian 
institution."  Asselin Charles, spokesman for Prime Minister: "The government 
feels that democracy is a question of institutions, and the government cannot 

Popular organization KIOP:  "We are speaking directly to the international 
community because 90% of them, in particular the U.S., is responsible for the 
state of the country today.  Because instead of fostering unity in smaller 
countries, they always create division.  Instead of looking for ways to help 
create better conditions for the people, they create more poverty.  For 
example, they send a Haitian CIA agent [FRAPH leader Toto Constant] to be a 
political leader to create trouble in the country and to counteract all those 
people who want to work to improve the country."

National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians:  "We believe that any 
attempt to tarnish the legitimacy of the victory of the Haitian people does 
not advance the cause of democracy in itself; neither does it help Haitians 
to enforce their democracy system for the absence of which they were denied 
any international help the last years.  Now that the democratic process is on 
its way, we should be supporters of this process rather than regulators, 
which would be the equivalent of adopting a non-democratic approach 
detrimental to the majority."