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#4708: Re: #4702: Re: #4688: Congressman Conyers puts Haiti elections in perspective (fwd)

From: Tracey Chapman <tracey@cstone.net>

Susan Scott Krabacher who is the Founder of the Mercy & Sharing Foundation was a
part of the US delegation and witnessed the entire election process in May. She
also agrees that it was a spectacular event. The Haitian people came out despite
any fears they had and voted. They WALKED to the polls, waitied sometimes for
many hours and placed their votes in an incredibly peaceful manner. The country
should be proud of this accomplishment and the scrutiny should stop.
If you are not part of the solution, chances are you are part of the problem.
Let's stop mincing words and start being productive people!
Tracey Chapman
Chief Executive Coordinator
Mercy & Sharing Foundation

Robert Corbett wrote:

> From:Drjudson@aol.com
> Congressman Conyers is absolutely correct.  those of us who were there on May
> 21 all agree that the process was peaceful and that turnout was tremendous -
> better in fact than US non presidential elections.  It is time for everyone
> to accept the fact that the people of Haiti did as good a job as any
> reasonable person could expect with their elections.   The elected officials
> need to be accepted by all and seated so that the country can begin to move
> forward again.  It is one thing to have elections for positions which are
> currently filled and functional.  In May, there were only 9 of 110 members of
> the parliament seated.  I do not know the status of other officials and in
> the country at that time.  Japan is withholding aid and other countries are
> likely to follow if  a government is not soon seated and functional.  We
> should all encourage our elected congressmen to speak out as did Congressman
> Conyers.
> John Judson
> drjudson@aol.com