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#4797: #4694: On what makes a democratic system:Dorce replies to Poincy (fwd)


In a message dated 07/26/2000 12:30:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Mozeb writes:
<< What becomes worst in Ayitiâ??s case is the fact that the people do not have 
 political maturity yet to make sound judgement in choosing their 
 representatives.  >>
If this is true then it is the fault of the ruling class.  
If you do not want to suffer the results of an election
where uneducated folks make their choices, it would behoove
you to see that the masses are educated to your standards.
I am very happy to suggest this to you and the others who
make this argument.  Don't worry about getting your needs 
taken care of, Lavalas will surely take care of you just like
you have taken care of the majority class Haitians all these
years.........wait a minute.....that would be bad, wouldn't
it.  Well maybe they will be kinder to you than you have 
been to them.  We can hope.

smiling but serious,

Kathy Dorce