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#4780: Two notes from Batey Relief Alliance

From: bateyrelief@mindspring.com

August 6, 2000
News from the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)

Last June, BRA and the Dominican's Ministry of Health signed an agreement
that would facilitate the New York-based humanitarian aid organization to
continue bringing desperately needed medical aid to the indigent populations
languishing in sugar cane labor enclaves or bateyes, including Haitian
migrant workers "Braceros" and families.

BRA is a tax-exempt, non-political, non-governmental organization created to
help improve the living conditions of the batey populations and those
identified as Haitian migrants and families.

The organization's focus has been for the past three years emergency HEALTH
CARE via medical missions - with the plan of building a MEDICAL CARE AND
LEARNING CENTER to provide follow-up and long-term care - do research and
laboratory work, x-rays and minor surgeries.  The complex will be equipped
to provide care in the areas of general medicines, pediatrics,
opthalmomology, dentistry and gynechology.  Health education will also be a
crucial component of the project to protect that population against
dangerous, yet preventable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and unplanned
pregnancies so that unhealthy children are not raised in poverty-stricken

Ulrick Gaillard, Executive Director of BRA signed for the organization.
Minister of Public Health, Dr. Juan Octavio Ceballos signed for the
Dominican Republic. The Ministry of Health will collaborate with BRA by
securing the donation of 8 acres of land in the Monte Plata region to BRA to
build the center, cutting government bureaucratic red tapes, providing
logistics and duty free customs clearance so that the organization can bring
into the country all personnel and materials, equipment and vehicles needed
to carry out its humanitarian programs.

For more information about BRA and its humanitarian program in the Dominican
Republic, please contact us in New York at (917) 627-5026 or in the
Dominican Republic at (809) 383-1547.  You can also e-mail at
bateyrelief@mindspring.com .  Please visit our website at

Ulrick Gaillard, J.D.
Executive Director

July 7, 2000
News from the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)

BRA is looking for:
--------Five persons willing to act as Board of Directors or Advisors for
the organization.  Priority will be given to those who understand the plight
of the Dominican's indigent batey populations, appreciate the humanitarian
efforts by BRA towards alleviation, and are willing to help advance the
organization's charitable and lawful purpose.  BRA's Board meets once a year
for the conduct of the organization's business.

--------Volunteer persons to help start for the organization a Child
Sponsorship Program, an Empowerment Program for abused women in the bateyes,
and a Legal Aid Program to provide pro bono legal assistance.  BRA has
proposals for all these programs ready to be submitted for funding.  You
will help by implementing the programs with BRA's regional director in the
DR - securing funding sources.

---------A volunteer computer literate person - also a good writer and
typist with great creativity to write quarterly news and press releases for
the organization.  The person will work in concert with the organization's
Executive Director and the Public Relations Director to create and secure
news worthy materials to help promote the organization's humanitarian

---------A volunteer accountant to help re-organize or do the organization's
books, and advise the organization on its financial plans.

---------Volunteer health care providers to help prepare the organization's
medical relief missions by securing medical supplies and equipment,
recruiting health care providers to participate on the missions.

If you are interested or know others who might be interested in these
projects, please contact me in New York by e-mail or call.  Please forward
this e-mail to your friends, families or colleagues.  Visit BRA at

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

>Ulrick Gaillard, J.D.
>Executive Director
>Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) www.bateyrelief.org
>Tax-exempt, non-profit, non-political humanitarian aid organization.
>For donations and information, please contact:
>Ulrick Gaillard, J.D., Executive Director
>P.O. Box 300565, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
>(917) 627-5026 or at bateyrelief@mindspring.com.
>Maria Virtudes Berroa, Regional Director
>Apartado Postal 5085, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
>(809) 383-1547 or at bateyrelief@hotmail.com.