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#4779: Two more posts on Prestige Beer

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

It was not a joke. I got it from the official site of the World Beer
Cup.  Of course there were many other categories.  However, the one -i'm
not too weel versed
in the domain- category in which Prestige was classified it legitimately
won the first prize over all the other international enties. Check it
out yourself in the following site.
(Look at category #28.)


From: "Peter C. Jeannopoulos" <peterj@rcn.com>

Because the electricity situation is what it is, my experience has been
that Prestige is "tepid".
This is especially so if the compare it to drinking beer in Santo Domingo
where the cerveza is served ice-cold. 
I think that Prestige is ok if it isn't skunky from repeated temperature
change reversals, being overaged,  and/or from being served too warm. At
best it is average beer.

I believe, however, that when in Haiti one should drink Prestige and when
in the Dominican Republic one should drink Presidente and when in Belgium
one should drink Chimay, Duvel or Affligem.

Regrettably, the electricity situation is getting worse in Haiti.

Peter Jeannopoulos