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#4801: Re: #4779: Two more posts on Prestige Beer (fwd)

From: Remy Perrier <remy@rehred-haiti.net>

Unfortunately the storage and serving qualities are not always respected
wherever you are in the world and whichever the beer your are drinking. It's
not easy anywhere to have a good beverage served at the perfect temperature
and sanity conditions.
Same to the golden Prestige wich is fortunately served Ice-Cold and
fresh-from-the-brewery, in some places in Port-au-Prince (and elsewhere I
imagine) such as 'Le bar de l'ère' rue Capois which offers a very good food
and muzik at a very reasonable price. On the top it's give 2 for 1 special on
certains dates and hours (Check the Nouvelliste for the lists of bars and

As long as the power problem doesn't affect the production Prestige remains a
very high standart in Beers.


Rémy Perrier