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#4859: Note to press from Alternative Chance (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

August 11, 2000

This week an interview was aired on radio stations in Haiti of a woman by the 
name of "Angelina" who represented herself as being from our program, 
Alternative Chance or in Creole, Chans Altenativ.  In fact, Angelina is the 
wife of a criminal deportee currently being held in detention.  She does not 
work with or for our program.  She was referred to us by an American priest 
in the United States who works with prisoners.  Angelina contacted us 
regarding her husband and we met with her when she came to Haiti and gave her 
materials about our program.  She does not represent us and as such does not 
have the right to speak on our behalf.

If you would like further information about Alternative Chance please contact 
us at (011509) 404-1545 or at altchance@aol.com    Our website is 

Additionally, if you would like to receive updates from us on the status of 
the "500" please send us an email at altchance@aol.com

Michelle Karshan
Executive Director