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#4858: #4834: Coup d'état deaths: Mariner replies (fwd)

From: Joanne Mariner <marinej@hrw.org>

From: Joanne Mariner <marinej@hrw.org>

Human Rights Watch 1996 report, "Thirst for Justice: A Decade of
Impunity in Haiti" said that "an estimated one thousand were slaughtered
in the month following the coup, and an estimated two to three thousand
more lost their lives to political violence over the next three years."

In August 1995, the Argentine Forensic Anthropologists Team sent a
delegation to Haiti to investigate and exhume possible mass grave
sites.  The team stayed until October of that year and investigated ten
sites, finding human remains in six of them.  In each of those sites,
they found the remains of between one and 11 people.  A report of their
findings, in Spanish, is on the web at

Joanne Mariner