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#4902: Haitian restaurants in Montreal: Two replies

From: Mary Durran <durranmary@hotmail.com> To: corbetre@webster.edu
Subject: Re: #4897: Haitian Restaurants in Montreal? (fwd) 

There's a good one called Le Manguier in the St. Michel area, on the
corner of St. Michel, and Fleury, I think.  They advertise often in Voir
and Hour;  I'm sure you can find them in the phone book. 

From: Berny Martin <bemartin@iupui.edu>

Yes there is a restaurant call Detente Creole and the address is 4729
Boul.Robert,  St.  Leonard  there telephone number is 955-9595

Detente Creole
4729 boul.  Robert St-Leonard
tel  955-9595