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#4903: Haiti media survey possibility (fwd)

From: Bruce Umbaugh <bumbaugh@webster.edu>

Program Number:   57595
Title:            RFP--Media Survey and Focus Groups in Haiti                                                                                  

Sponsor:          Federal One-Time Opportunity

Deadline(s):      09/11/2000 
Established Date: 08/16/2000
Follow-Up Date:   10/02/2000
Review Date:      08/16/2000

Contact:          Wayne Greene, Contracting Officer       

Address:          Broadcasting Board of Governors
                  International Broadcasting Bureau 
                  Ofc of Contracts, 330 C St, SW, Rm 2500 
                  Washington, DC 20237      
E-mail:           wgreene@ibb.gov
Web Site:         
Tel:              202-619-2339        
Fax:              202-205-0683        
Deadline Ind:     Receipt                                                
Deadline Open:    No

Award Type(s):    Requests For Proposals (CBD)

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution: 
                  Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable:    U.S.A. Citizenship (including U.S. Territories)

Appl Type(s):     Individual, Non-Specific
                  Institution, Non-Specific

Target Group(s):  NONE
Funding Limit:    $0   
Duration:         0
Indirect Costs:   No
Cost Sharing:     No
Sponsor Type:     Federal

Geo. Restricted:  NO RESTRICTIONS                                         


POC Contact Point/Contracting Officer: Wayne Greene, Contracting
Officer, Telephone: (202) 619-2339; Facsimile: (202) 205-0683. E-MAIL:
Click here to contact the contracting officer via, wgreene@IBB.gov.
T17. The Broadcasting Broad of Governors' International Broadcasting
Bureau (BBG/IBB), Office of Contracts, Simplified Acquisition Branch
(CON/SA), has a requirement, subject to the availability of funds, for
a contractor to obtain (1) quantitative data on the size, composition,
and media habits of the audience for Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts
in Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Les Cayes and J r mie, Haiti; (2)
qualitative evaluations of VOA broadcasts by listeners in
Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Government anticipates awarding a
firm-fixed price contract (purchase order), utilizing Simplified
Acquisition Procedures as specified in the Federal Acquisition
Regulation Part 13, to the responsible quoter (offeror) whose price
quotation conforming to the RFQ is most advantageous to the Government
based on the quoter's Technical Capabilities/Experience in conducting
an audience survey and focus groups as outlined in the RFQ and the
quoter's Price quotation. Of the two Selection Criteria, Technical
Capabilities/Experience is the significantly dominant criterion over
the Price criterion. Responses to the RFQ (i.e., Technical
Capabilities/Experience information, and Price quotation) are due by
the close of business (5 p.m. EST), Monday, September 11, 2000. Firms
interested in receiving a copy of the RFQ must respond in writing to
the Contracting Officer, Mr. Wayne Greene via facsimile at (202)
205-0683 or e-mail at wgreene@IBB.gov. All written requests for copies
of the forthcoming RFQ shall include the RFQ number, your company
name, mailing address, telephone number and facsimile number. No
telephone requests for this RFQ will be honored. The Contracting
Officer has found and determined that this proposed work is
appropriate for an "unrestricted" procurement pursuant to FAR Subpart
19.502 (Setting Aside Acquisitions). All responsible sources may
request a copy of this RFQ. Posted 08/14/00 (W-SN485756). (0227)

KEYWORDS:         Haiti
                  Broadcast Media
                  Marketing Research