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#5075: Laleau re Lynx Air -- P.S. (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

P.S. -- The Haitian post office did very well, by the way, at that period... 
nothing got lost that I sent to the States from either the capital or from 
Les Cayes, although sometimes the denominations of stamps available were so 
small that little packages looked like they were giftwrapped from all the 
colors on them. (Once I inadvertently mailed a notebook containing $300 cash 
in it to the U.S. -- it arrived safely, and was also returned safely to me, 
through Haitian mails.) Also -- I found out the hard way that having friends 
traveling to the States carry mail and drop it in the Miami Airport mailboxes 
was the MOST UNSUCCESSFUL route of all. Apparently mail theft in the MIAMI 
airport was so bad that people in the capital were warning each other that to 
have friends take mail to Miami was about the same as dropping it into the 
Bermuda Triangle from a high altitude.

Nancy Laleau