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#5074: Re: Laleau on #5059: Re: Lynx Air (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Lynx Air was extremely unresponsive in my dealings with them in 1996. 
Although I had paid them for 3 months beyond the end of my stay in Haiti, 
they nevertheless refused to forward mail to me. I wrote and called them 
several times to get my mail forwarded. Bills were getting lost, and who 
knows what else. In an effort to find out what was happening to my mail, I 
finally sent letters addressed to myself  to Lynx Air in 
registered-return-receipt-requested-envelopes, and apparently they just 
dumped them -- no cards were ever signed or returned to me. Finally I 
complained to US Postal Authorities who reprimanded them, but beyond that, 
did nothing... once you put your name over Lynx Air's PO Box, they pretty 
much can do whatever they want with your mail and get away with it. Fijese!

Nancy Laleau