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#5110: Haitian Christmas Holiday Celebration (fwd)

From: Carline Murphy <carline101@hotmail.com>

I was asked to prepare an article on Haitian Christmas Holiday Celebration 
for my church's headquarter newsletter.  I did not want to present an 
article that was based solely on my childhood experiences when there are 
other people who might contribute a more mature point of view on the 

Can you,please, circulate this request to your list, Bob, in case anyone 
else would like to share with me their own experience for that article?  I 
would also like  to balance the article with experiences that reflect the 
country's tradition  in the sense of preparation for the holiday in addition 
  to charitable giving of toys, and  so on.

For instance, I remember as a child during that time of year my parents will 
take me  to the fabric store to purchase materials for my new dress. Another 
trip to the shoemaker for a new  pair of shoes.  The next trip was to the 
dressmaker to be fitted for the new dress. At times I have to bring an old  
dress to be used as a pattern for the new dress.

The loud sound of holiday music was everywhere in addition to the sound of 
Voodoo drums coming from local voodoo temples in preparation for their own 
ceremonies.  Can this little bit  of info triggers someone else's memory of 
this occasion? If so, please share it with me. It will be very much 

It doesn't matter if the responses are send to the list or directly to me at 
Carline101@hotmail.com, unless Bob suggests otherwise.

Thanks to you all

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