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#5111: WACC Haiti media report (fwd)

From: Haiti Support Group <haitisupport@gn.apc.org>

The report -  'Kreyon Pep La Pa Gen Gonm' - is published by the World
Association for Christian Communication (WACC).

         "One week after the coup, they shot us up again. On October 2nd
(1991), I interviewed the exiled president who was in Washington. One hour
later they came, shooting in broad daylight. On October 15th, I decided to
stop broadcasting after they came to my home during the night." (Jean
Dominique, former director of Radio Haiti Inter. Dominique was sadly shot
dead on April 3 2000).

         Kreyon Pep La Pa Gen Gonm (The People's Pen Has No Eraser),
published by WACC, analyses the past, present and future of grassroots
media in Haiti, focusing on the stories and experiences of people and
groups struggling for their right to communicate. 

         The report offers a detailed insight into the popular
communications movement that helped to bring down the country's
dictatorship and continues to help build the foundations of Haiti's
democracy, including excerpts from interviews with some of the key players.
Four case studies of WACC-supported media organisations are assessed and

         Established by Evangelisches Missionwerk (EMW) and administered by
WACC, the Critical Situations Fund was created as a special fund dedicated
to supporting communication activities aimed at enabling peace and
reconciliation in contexts characterised by endemic violence. WACC's
support was directed        towards Haiti during a period of great
instability for the country and its people. 

         This valuable resource offers a unique insight into the role of
community media in Haiti today, with analysis by the Haiti Support Group's
Charles Arthur, plus an evaluation of the projects supported by WACC. To
receive a copy of the report, which costs £5 (five pounds sterling), or
US$8 please contact David Shanks <ds@wacc.org.uk>
Haiti Support Group    (haitisupport@gn.apc.org)