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#5121: Fwd: STEP INTO A WORLD: A Global Anthology of The New Black Literature (fwd)

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

>From: TheWordMovement@aol.com
>WHAT: The most important collection of young Black writers at this moment 
>history, much in the way that The New Negro (during The Harlem Renaissance 
>the 1920s) and Black Fire (during The Black Arts Movement of the 1960s) 
>for their times.
>PUBLICATION DATE: Friday, November 3, 2000
>PUBLISHER: John Wiley and Sons, New York City
>EDITOR: Kevin Powell, a critically-acclaimed poet, journalist, essayist, 
>public speaker. Powell is a former senior writer for Vibe, and he has been
>published in dozens of periodicals, including The Washington Post, Essence, 
>de, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, George, Ms., and voter.com.
>"Kevin Powell is pushing to bring, as he has so brilliantly done before, 
>voices of his generation; the concerns, the cares, the fears and the
>THE 4-1-1:
>From across the globe, here is a historical gathering of 105 (51 women and 
>men) of the best young black writers of this era. Bringing together 
>literary talent with established and award-winning voices, contributors
>include Booker Prize-recipient Ben Okri, Junot Díaz, Veronica Chambers, 
>Chideya, Jabari Asim, Ekow Eshun, Arnold J. Kemp, Touré, Danzy Senna, 
>Smith, Cheo Hodari Coker, Paul Beatty, Joan Morgan, Jake Lamar, Natasha
>Tretheway, Carl Phillips, Bernardine Evaristo, Willie Perdomo, Lenard D.
>Moore, John R. Keene, Debra Dickerson, Lynell George, Adrian Castro, Wayde
>Compton, Kevin Young, Colson Whitehead, Christopher John Farley, Nikky
>Finney, Charlie Braxton, Vanessa Richards, Scott Poulson-Bryant, Tijan
>Sallah, Eisa Nefertari Ulen, Patrick Sylvain, Tisa Bryant, Mark Anthony 
>Daphne A. Brooks, Imani Tolliver, Ruth Forman, Hilton Als, Allison Joseph,
>Elizabeth Alexander, Trey Ellis, Sarah Jones, Jessica Care Moore, Terrance
>Hayes, Yona Harvey, Ras Baraka, Lisa Teasley, Tony Medina, Shara McCallum,
>Jervey Tervalon, Natasha Tarpley, Lisa Jones, Kwame Dawes, Harry Allen, and 
>w York Times bestsellers Zadie Smith, Malcolm Gladwell, and Edwidge 
>Step Into A World is a provocative anthology that offers a window into the
>crucial issues of Post-Civil Rights and post-colonial black life. Compiled 
>Kevin Powell (famed scholar Michael Eric Dyson calls Powell ?One of 
>most brilliant young cultural critics?), this extraordinary collection
>contains a range of fiction, poetry, essays, and criticism?some never 
>published?along with emails, letters, manifestos and the new genre of 
>journalism, here in book form for the first time. Indeed, hip-hop music,
>culture, and politics permeate Step Into A World as many of the writers 
>been affected in some way by the biggest pop cultural phenomenon of the 
>twenty-five years.
>Hailing from America, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and
>Africa, these luminary writers present poignant?and powerful?thoughts on
>racial identity, gender oppression, homophobia, classism, Tupac Shakur, 
>Woods, the black intelligentsia, Oprah?s book club, the Beat Generation, as
>well as blunt assessments on the crack epidemic, police brutality,
>post-integration America, and the present and future state of Africa.
>The first major collection of contemporary black writing in nearly a 
>decade, S
>tep Into A World includes writers born as early as 1957 and as recent as
>1977. The result is an anthology full of energy and stylistic variations; 
>it is an incredible journey into the richly textured world of the new black
>literature, and into what Kevin Powell calls "The Word Movement."

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