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#5165: Re: #5140: response to HUDICOURT #5117 (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 09/25/2000 11:01:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time, JHUDICOURTB@a
ol.com writes:

<<  You are right that there has been very little respect for life in Haiti
  for the last 45 years.  I believe that calling for respect for life is
  therefore a very important call and it must take many forms.  It's OK to
  spit in the wind then if that is what you are calling my voice.  I hope
  someone gets disgusted by my spit and is shocked into thinking that
  respecting life and preaching respect for life is every Haitians personal
I wasn't calling your voice spitting in the wind, per se.  But I WAS trying 
to instill a little self reflection in you and others to see your possible 
part in this tragedy.  It is easy to look down on the rabble and say how 
uncivilized they are, how unfit to decide their own future.  But why are they 
that way?  Do you believe that given a chance they wouldn't be as educated as 
you are?  As wise in the ways of the world?  They have been discounted, 
devalued and dismissed as insignificant users of air and space.  Necessary to 
make the cogs move but a nuisance beyond that.  Why, then, would they value 
life?  In truth, I think more majority class Haitians respect life than do 
not, in the same incredible spirit that keeps them alive in hope when others 
would just give up and die.  They have little reason to, but still they 
perservere.  They are the heart and soul of Haiti.  Without them, Haiti would 
be an empty lambi shell.  But you know what?  I think I am spitting in the 
wind now.  ;)


Kathy Dorce~