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#5166: Re: #5161: Re: #5141: Re: #5125: Rene Preval! : Succar comments (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>

Marie Petit-Michel,

I do not doubt the fact that Preval might be right or not, but my point is 
that is it worth it? Constantly bringing up a past that might cost us more 
ennemy than proving anything.  Also it is a lack of diplomtic skills, I mean 
to say do you see the Dominicans blaming us invading their territory for 25 
years or blaming the Spaniards for the fate of tehir country.

Added to this, before a leader accepts a position, mostly an important 
position as the Presidency, he should weigh the implications involve in 
doing so.  I am convinced that Preval knew what he was going to face 
(Remember he was Prime Minister), he knew the demands on a Haitian 
President; so if he has accepted the position, he surely felt he was up to 
the task.  This is what makes a great leader the courage to accept and take 
charge otherwise STEP-DOWN.  He knew that the job of a Haitian President is 
very challenging and a conundrum.  Do you really think this was what Haiti 
needed for these past four critical years:  a placeholder, like YOU define 
Preval to be ?

As you know, the Haitian Executive has a great deal of influence on the 
country's decisions MOSTLY when it truncates the Legislative branch.  Also 
you knew that the Haitian Executive is bicephalous UNLESS it is exclusive of 
its Prime Minister.  Well, Preval has possessed a good amount of power 
during his mandate.  Also, if he failed to coordinate his vision throughout 
his governement as you mentionned it, it is a proof of a weak, uncapable 
leadership. Therefore, he is the only one to accept the failure of HIS 

Let us be empirical for a while, the numbers show failure: increase in 
insecurity, increase in drug trafficking.  Our society is torn apart.  Our 
identity is being lost. Do you think this was what the HAITIAN POEPLE wanted 
from its President.

The only way Preval's name would have been written into our memory is that 
he had step-down power after his first or second year admitting his 
incapacity of leading this crumbling country and giving another more capable 
person the role.