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#5167: Petit-Michel replies to Succar on Preval

From: Marie Petit-Michel <mpetit_michel@yahoo.com>


You say that Mr. Preval complains and blames others
for the problems of the country.  If you were a
student of history, you would see that he is correct.
Unfortunately, at this moment in Haiti's history, his
term has been more of a placeholder, than of an
effective leader.

The teachings of modern psychology and its practices
are something that the entire country of Haiti has yet
to benefit from through the avenue of education.

Before you blame Preval for being a whiner, you should
look to the environment that he is subject to work in.
Can you name anyone in the government that has
cooperated with him and tried to help him implement
any initiatives?  You should ask yourself, What were
you expecting Preval to do during his term?

In my opinion he has done what he can... keep the
lines of communication open among contentious
political parties and kept the hope of the nascent
Haitian democracy in the eye of the International

The failures of the President are the reflection of
the failures of the government.  No one leader can do
it alone.