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#5870: Re: The Anti-Christ Speaks.....and I agree with him? (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

As I read this article I too nodded my head and was then shocked to find Jesse
Helms wrote it. Helms forgot to add to the list an inventory of how these
political and structural falirues have increased the degree of human misery amd
suffering in Haiti. Its easy enough to tick off facts and figures in this regard
but such exercises fail to capture the full impact because behind each there are
millions of real people, one by one, with names, families,and identities who
have to meet the day by day struggles to survive. If  history is to teach us
anything about Haiti, then one cannot deny the fact that political and
governmental domains (national and international) have failed to address, in any
meaningful way, the number of systemically related problems this country faces.
The state, historically predatory, siphons off the resources  and life blood of
the masses so that pockets can be lined, personal coffers filled, and the status
quo maintained. The United States has only done that which has served its own
interests. Now that all the reources have been sucked out of the country, and
there remains little to make a buck off of (except for sweat shops), we only put
band aids on the problems just enough to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
When I think of all the billions of dollars squandered on "solutions" that were
doomed from the start, its sickening. That money could have been invested into
schools, localized medical facilities, alternative energy projects, development
of clean water sources, and the list goes on. There are many like minded people
out there, those who organize a plethora of programs and projects  who spend
their own time and energy to scrapte for funding and to do what they can to
help. There is no lack of ideas, talent, insight, and willingness to work
alongside Haitians that live and know the reality, towards transforming the face
of their nation. The solutions do not lie in empty, mystifying rhetoric
(irrespective of political party affiliation), nor in ill conceived and poorly
executed foreign policy and intervention programs.

Bob Corbett wrote:

> As I read this, I was nodding my head....and wondering curiously who wrote
> the article as I read to the bottom but didn't skip ahead. (I obviously
> missed it on the top of the page) Of all the reading I do of items passed
> along through Corbettland, and of my contacts and friends involved in Haiti,
> I was trying to guess who this may have come from. NEVER IN MY WILDEST
> am dying to get some feedback from other Corbetters with opinions on this
> article.
> I hope you feel compelled to respond.
> P.S. There is no way I would put my name on this, as I do plan to return to
> Haiti.......