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#5871: Oct. 20, 2000 Fanmi Lavalas letter to Amb. Luigi R. Einaudi , (fwd)

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October 20, 2000

His Excellency
Ambassador Luigi R. Einaudi
Assistant Secretary General of the OAS
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Mr. Ambassador,

    Fanmi Lavalas thanks you for having led these negotiations in conformity 
with the August 4, 2000 Permanent Council Resolution CP/Res. 772.  Always 
ready to return to the table of dialogue and in light of the proposals 
formulated by the political parties and the OAS during the course of this 
week, Fanmi Lavalas

1.  engages itself to:

Ø   respect the will of the voters as together with the Opposition it 
searches for a political and legal solution to the controversies raised by 
the May 21, 2000 elections in particular the contested Senate seats;
Ø   encourage the authorities of the State to create an evaluation commission 
charged with examining the contested Senate seats.  This commission will 
examine the problem concerning the counting method used for the senatorial 
race on May 21st.  These solutions should violate neither the Constitution 
nor the laws of the Republic;
Ø   participate in the forthcoming November 26th elections with the current 
Provisional Electoral Council ("CEP") or a CEP that includes citizens 
proposed by the Opposition, Fanmi Lavalas and the authorities of the State;
Ø   encourage financing for electoral activities of recognized political 
parties presenting candidates in the elections;
Ø   contribute to the climate of peace and security by cultivating tolerance, 
moderation and mutual respect;
Ø   encourage all measures aimed at reinforcing democracy.

2.  hopes that:

Ø   the Executive will assure the professional conduct of the police that 
must protect the election and the electoral activities with the maximum 
amount of neutrality;
Ø   the Executive will establish a mechanism that will permit the cooperation 
of the political parties to help the police maintain stability;
Ø   the Executive will launch a Civic Education program for security and 
Ø   the political parties will contribute to the climate of peace and 
security by cultivating tolerance, moderation and mutual respect;
Ø   the political parties engage themselves to not incite violence and to 
take measures against their partisans if they resort to violence;
Ø   that all political parties will have equal access to the State media.

With the hope that the forthcoming November 26th elections occur in the 
presence of national and international observers, we send you, Mr. 
Ambassador, the assurances of our distinguished salutations.