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#5874: Re: #5869: Re: The Anti-Christ Speaks.....Dorce comments (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

I wonder if you might have a different repsonse if Jesse Helms had not writtem
the original
post. The Clinton-Gore policy on Haiti has been a failure..just like the policies
of other
previous administrations. Whether one is democrat (like myself), republican,
leftist or conservative, the facts speak for themselves.Even from the mouth of
the greates liar sometimes comes the truth. Wishful thinking, denial, or
investment of one's blind faith in political rhetoric, won't make the truth go
away. What kind of "democracy" doesn't allow for the voice of  an opposition,
what kind of democracy is it in which power and authority are not legitimate but
are rather tied to the personality of one person? What kind of democracy is it
wherein the state deliberately and historically underdevelops, and continues to
underdevelop its own nation to the very brink of famine? Democracy is a process,
and one that requires, as well as welcomes, the participation of all..that means
people who have, and need not fear, voicing opposing views. But then perhaps
democracy is not what you have in mind.

Bob Corbett wrote:

> From: LAKAT47@aol.com
> In a message dated 10/20/2000 9:05:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time, PLEASE POST
> ANONYMOUS writes:
> HELMS ON ANYTHING! I am dying to get some feedback from other Corbetters with
> opinions on this article.
>  I hope you feel compelled to respond.
>  P.S. There is no way I would put my name on this, as I do plan to return to
> Haiti....... >>
> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
> I am shocked that the writer is surprised that they agree with Jesse Helms on
> this as this is pure, consistant Helms stuff.  So if a person agrees with
> this, they must agree with his entire Haiti policy.  Which is damn the
> darkies, full whitey ahead!  When I began to read it, I said who is the moron
> who wrote this and scrolled to the top to see, and it didn't surprise ME at
> all.  Helms is head of the Foreign Relations Committee (gasp!) and  is one of
> the perpetrators of the anti-Aristide propaganda machine.  He is as racist as
> they come and I honestly believe he died 4 years ago and they are just
> propping him up in his chair so he can keep his seat in the Senate.  If he
> would just stay buried, the US would be a better place and maybe Haiti would
> have half a chance.  I deleted that article written by the Republican bigot,
> but when ANONYMOUS solicited responses, I couldn't dam the emotions....yikes!
>  If I were Anonymous, I wouldn't tell anyone in the STATES their real name
> either.
> Dorce, disgusted~