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#5873: re: zenglendos, bank transactions (fwd)

I'm succumbing to paranoia by posting this anonymously but given this 
concerns armed men with guns, I'd rather my name not be associated. I just 
want to advise people to exercise caution, especially when making bank 
transactions, in the Turgeau area. For the second time in the last month a 
friend of mine was held up at gun point on Martin Luther King near Teleco 
Pont-Morin. This time the person seems to have been followed from the new 
Unibank on Martin Luther King (next to the new Texaco/starmart). The attack 
took place in broad daylight.  I had noticed before that this bank is 
extremely visible from the street and have avoided using it for that reason. 
Attacks following bank transactions have become increasingly common. Try to 
use banks that are not particularly visible from the street and leave the 
area immediately. Also, friends have advised me that zenglandos have become 
increasingly savvy about attempts to hide money--in bras, underwear, socks 
etc.--and have been undressing their victims from head to toe! Still, I think 
that if you must be on the streets with money, hiding it in several places 
and keeping important papers separate from cash is a good policy.