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5337: Carnival celebrations (fwd)

From: Joseph R Bumbarger <jrbst2@STUDENT.SFCPA.EDU>

Mr. Corbett,
      I am a student writing to you to ask you if it would be at all 
possible for you to send me any, and all information having to do 
with carnaval celebrations in Haiti; it would be greatly appreciated.  
This information is for a research paper for my art cultures of Haiti 
class, at St. Francis College of Pennsylvania, taught by Mrs. 
Martha O'brien.  She said that you and the Corbett List would be 
very good sources of information for my topic.  So, if you could 
please get back to me on this topic, or post something on the 
Corbett List so that i could possibly find information from other 
people on the Corbett List within the next few days, it would be 
greatly appreciated.  
Mickey Bumbarger