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5338 Free music: Mozayik website up and running (fwd)

From: pcharles@us.ibm.com

For a look at Mozayik's members, biography/mission statement, sound
samples (2 uncut selections) log on to:





Mozayik: A New Direction for Haitian Jazz

Mozayik ("mosaic" in Haitian Creole) is an exciting new jazz group of top
New York-based Haitian musicians. The band draws upon the rich legacy of
traditional Afro-Haitian rhythms, blended with the instrumentation,
melodic/harmonic sensibilities and improvisation of jazz. As befits their
name, Mozayik draws from a diverse array of influences - jazz, gospel, funk,
classical, Haitian folkloric music are all part of their unique sound.

Mozayik's self-produced debut recording MOZAYIK was released in July 2000.
Emeline Michel performs as special guest vocalist on the selection "Ou pran
la vim".

In the words of Serge Bellegarde (Windows on Haiti, July 2000):

    "Mozayik is a gem of a CD...music based on Haitian folkloric beats such as:
    Kongo, Yanvalou, Nago, Ibo, Kontredans ; funk, ballads, Brazilian Samba or
    straight ahead bebop Jazz...this is one of the top Haitian CDs released so
    far this year and believe me, you would be making a big mistake if you did
    not add it to your collection. That is why I urge you to run to your record
    store. You are in for an exquisite musical treat."

The members of Mozayik are (in alphabetical order):

    Eddy Bourjolly- electric and acoustic guitars

    Philippe Charles- bass guitar

    Gashford Guillaume- drums, vocals

    Welmyr Jean-Pierre- acoustic piano and keyboards

    Markus Schwartz- traditional Haitian drums and percussion