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5327 A Real Discussion (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A real discussion about the Future of Haiti
Haiti needs a national discussion without any doubt
therefore the participation of diverse departments
shall be a condition sinequanun  for any discussion to
take place.  Haiti has 9 departments; therefore, each
department shall send a delegate and at least three
Haitians who are living in the Diaspora, one from the
US, one from Canada and one from Europe.  A total of
12 serious Haitians will discuss about the steps that
should be taken to resolve the current crisis.  Each
delegate will be selected by the people in his/her
region, consult with the people and make them vote on
the final resolution.
Sincerely, we should not rush on having a presidential
election right now; however, we should prepare a team
to take over once the term of Mr. Preval is expired. 
	Folks we are sending mixed signal, the current
negotiation is about having a new CEP while this CEP
is continuing spending the people money toward the
November election. Are we going to have an election in
November or not? Are we really serious about the
current discussion while leaving out 95 % of the
population?  Why not having a referendum and let
people decide about the 12 folks who should take part
in the negotiation.  The mandate of this CEP was
expired after publishing the result of the legislative
election.  It was the only thing that the country was
agree upon; therefore, in order to extend its mandate,
the president should receive the approval of the other
players who were originally involved in forming the
original CEP.  This nonsense unilateral decision by
the current president is not acceptable. What was at
Question: Do you believe the 9 Departments and the
Diaspora should get involve in the negotiation?


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