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5328 Re: #5874: Re: The Anti-Christ Speaks.....Re: What kind of democracy? (fwd)

From: VYeghoyan@aol.com

<<What kind of "democracy" doesn't allow for the voice of  an opposition,
what kind of democracy is it in which power and authority are not legitimate 
are rather tied to the personality of one person? >>

Before we ask what kind of democracy won't let the opposition speak, maybe we 
should notice that the "opposition" is rarely saying anything, other than it 
is the opposition and that it opposes things. But what does the "Opposition" 
believe or want to do? No one in Haiti seems to know! 

I'm writing from inside Haiti, and the people (Haitian) who surround me are 
quick to point out that Lavalas was the only group that actually went to the 
communities with their platform, to meet with them, to listen to them. From 
where I stand, Lavalas is hardly centered in one person. It may, in fact, be 
symbolized in one person (aka Aristide) but there are a lot of people doing 
hard work, contributing their ideas, making themselves vulnerable. And they 
would be pretty insulted to hear that this is all about Aristide's 
personality. This is about the poorest of the poor in Haiti who elected 
Aristide in 1990, fought during the coup to stay committed to their values, 
and want to have another chance to work with Aristide in 2001.

Give credit where credit is due. The people who have underdeveloped the 
nation are the richest of the rich in Haiti who don't bother to express their 
views, their platforms. They are not interested in having the support of the 
poor, because they know their platforms are against the interests of the 
poor. So they go ahead and do what they want without talking with others. Why 
is Haiti importing rice and sugar from the US? Why do the rich keep getting 
richer and the poor getting poorer? Who suffers because Haiti is "on the 
brink of famine?" Not the opposition. Seems to many Haitians, they are the 
ones who profit.