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5364: Re: 5353: Modest proposal for eco terroism in Haiti : Poincy comments

From: caineve@idt.net

?Eco-terrorism? can be something else other than violence. Sound thinking, 
objective thinking, non-emotional thinking or rational thinking, economic 
sacrifices, education in how to weigh the economic and political stakes on a 
time scale, firm decision and strong stance on coercion are the way to go, to 
keep Ayiti moving and not by destroying an aggressive selfish entrepreneur.

If the Dominican Republic does not allow the transport of charcoal that?s 
because its government makes responsible decisions and is quite repressive in 
the execution of its laws. There is no conspiracy and no racism against 
Ayitians. The 8 millions are starving themselves. This is not the fault of 

Who cares about environmental issues when earning a living is at stake or when 
making greater profit is the sole guarantee to face the uncertainties of the 
future. This is intrinsic to human and all actions are geared toward this 
guarantee at any extent unless repressed by the laws provided they would cause 
harm to the greater whole. 

When ideas and creativity are lacking, someone else is always the cause of our 
pain. We nurture this ?feel sorry for me? attitude to hate and perpetrate 
violence against hard working, aggressive, selfish and rational individuals. We 
are ready to lynch them because they make good use of something that is common 
to all of us. We condemn them for something that we would do if we were in 
their shoes. Instead of doing like them, (be aggressive, selfish, rational and 
competitive), we bury our humanness in the abyss of ignorance, idleness, 
laziness, jealousy, hatred, violence and the destruction of ourselves.

Ayiti is virgin and great economics things can happen there. Just let sound 
ideas, economic ideas and political ideas that make sense rolling to avoid 
running out of steam. Eco-terrorism as proposed is no solution. One can have 
eco-terrorism, if s/he wishes to call it that way, through trade fight, 
consumption restriction and alternative local production. This is enough fuel 
to outdo the accused ?conspiracists?. Eco-terrorism as proposed is no idea. It 
is just a platform for those nuturing the ?feel sorry for me and reparation 

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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