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5373: Re: 5367: Re: Modest proposal for eco terroism in Haiti (fw (fwd)

From: RIWILSON <RIWilson@maf.org>

     Two answers to this problem of charcoal and trees.
     Dr. Keith Flanagan, a veterinary working in Haiti, has developed a 
     simple machine that people can make substitute charcoal briquets with 
     using leaves, paper, anything like that.  I have seen this system work 
     and we have had it demonstrated to our students.  Some of them have 
     taken this system to their villages.  Keith estimates it would save a 
     family 400 gourdes a month in charcoal using readilya vailable trash.
     Secondly, Dr. Jerry McKenney has suggested that the mountains and 
     hills of Haiti be leased for 99 years.  The farmers living on them be 
     paid the amount they would have made making charcoal as a salary to 
     watch and protect the trees that could then be planted on the 
     hillsides.  Seems reasonalble to me, atleast it wouldn't be any more 
     wasteful than any other program that haas been tried here.
     Richard Wilson