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#5399: Kozyn on Abolition of Army (fwd)

From: John Kozyn <jckozyn@hotmail.com>

From: NLaleau@aol.com

>Dear Tom,
>I thought what Aristide did was fire the entire army except for the 
>band... therefore he preserved the integrity of the Haitian constitution, 
>in fact, the army was gone. Am I mistaken?
>Nancy Laleau

Hi Nancy,

You are for the most part accurate. I don't have all the details at my 
disposal, but as I remember, JBA did retire (not fire) all the officer 
corps. The White House (NSC) wanted him to get rid of a core group of 
officers who remained loyal to the constitutional Government (in exile in 
DC). He said fine, I'll get rid of them, and everyone else too.

At that time (1995) all that remained was the marching band. Not sure if 
they're around anymore though, but I haven't checked either.

That being said, the FAd'H remains an institution on paper. I suspect the 
47th Legislature will be treating this dossier; i.e. amending the 1987 
Constitution in due course.

Right now though, one of the more significant issues to be dealt with is the 
status of regulations governing NGOs (foreign and domestic) within the 

John Kozyn

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