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5400: Mantra du Tap Tap (fwd)

From: Robert Fournier <rfournier@home.com>

Yesterday night (monday 30th), on the occasion of the Mondays of the
poetry at the Bar le Troquet in Hull (Quebec), Eddy Garnier presented
his new DC «Mantra du Tap Tap» "L'espoir a mille mots" (CIDIHCA, 2000).
Eddy explained to the public assembled how the one thousand names, and
more, of Tap Tap he collected in Haiti have served his aesthetic
The DC is distributed by RecitArt, in Montreal: (514)369-1354; in Hull
(819)778-3351. It is also available in Miami, at Librairie Mapou
(305)757-4345; in Haiti, Hotel Le Marcellin: 233-0255; in Montreal at
Eddy Garnier also wrote two fictions: "Vivre au noir en pays blanc"
(1999), and "Adieu Bordel bye bye vodou (1994), and some poetical works:
"En balise d'île mémoire (1998); Éclats de bourgeons" (1993).

    - Fournier (Ottawa); rfournier@home.com

(Eddy Garnier: garniee@tc.gc.ca)