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5412: Student requests information

From: Edwin l Mast <k-dog27@juno.com>

[Corbett notes:  please reply directly to Edwin at the address
above this note.  Do not reply to me by hitting the return button.
	Thanks,  Bob Corbett]

Hi, this is Edwin Mast.  I am a sophomore in college majoring in Elem.
Ed.  I was wondering if I could be on the Corbett mailing list.  I am
doing a paper on the whole education system in Haiti and was wondering if
you'all could help me find some information.  I have been in contact with
Martha VanCise and she recommended that I contact you.  My paper is
supposed to compare Haiti and New Yorks education system.  What I am
looking for is any information or statistics that talk about the
graduation rate of students, the percentage of children who go to school,
the percentage of graduates that go to college, and the literacy rate in
Haiti.  Also, I was wondering what some of the reasons might be that they
are lower than the statistics from New York.  Examples may be class size
and the way subjects are taught to economical issues and the fact that
there might not be many opportunities to go to college in Haiti.  I guess
to sum all of this up, I am looking for any information that might help
compare New Yorks and Haiti's educational systems and their statistics. 
I also have to do a presentation on this subject on November 29th so if
you could help me out soon, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so
much for your time.  My e-mail address is K-dog27@juno.com

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